The Employee Development Timeline

Guide your people throughout their first weeks. Create excitement, introduce them to your unique values, or create role clarity. And once they’re through, help them develop further.

& Welcome


Excite your new hires even before starting. Give them a welcoming experience while guiding them through necessary documents.

Company Onboarding

Introduce your new colleagues to company values, teams, compliance, scorecards, and everything else they should know.

Social integration
& Processes
Role Clarity
& Time-to-productivity

Functional Onboarding

Get people up to speed by creating role clarity and giving them everything they need to perform fast.

Skill Insights

Analyze your company's unique learning needs. Fill gaps strategically and give your people the training they want.

& Insights
Skill Gaps
& Individual Support

Targeted Learning

Give people the training they need based on our analysis or individual development plans.

21st Century Skills & Leadership

Launch wider initiatives for leadership, communication, DE&I, resilience, and more.

Ongoing Initiatives

Integrating with your favorite tools

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio for a smooth process.
Contact people where they actually are. Push automatic notifications through slack or even create cohorts for new colleagues to help them exchange.
Coming soon