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The problem

Channels, tools, trends - they evolve. Constantly.

Introducing Zage

A learning platform, reinvented.

A platform your teams will actually use. Learnings they will actually put into practice.

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Actionable content

Real-life applications and examples instead of theoretical lectures.

Learning through exchange

Active engagement and exchange instead of passive consumption.

Built to fit your schedule

Bite-sized learning that fits everyone’s schedule. 60 minutes per week.

Personalized experience

Individual learning plans based on field, role, and focus skills.

Develop everyone in the skills they need most

Align with your marketers on focus skills and improve in the areas that matter most. Choose from a wide range of topics - for B2B and B2C, hard skills and soft skills.

On Google, I usually find theoretical or superficial answers. The content on ZAGE is actionable and full of examples.
Marketing Manager, Centriccom

The best articles, videos and courses in one place.

Get the best case studies, how-tos and examples from a variety of selected sources. Up-to-date, actionable and to the point.
Recommended by professionals, manually reviewed by ZAGE, feedbacked by users. Save time searching and spend it learning.

The ZAGE curation process: Together with industry professionals, we curate contents from selected sources. From courses, articles, podcasts, videos, and books.

Follow the recommendations of  professionals.

Our curators are industry-leading experts. Follow their playlists reflecting everyone's individual experience in Marketing.

Shyamanta Baruah
brand manager, deloitte
Agata Krzysztofik
Head of marketing, piktochart
Odolena Kostova
digital marketer, Google
Jeroen Spierings
Head of Industry marketing, ricoh
Jens Polomski
Senior marketer, greator
Lachlan Kirkwood
Digital Strategist/founder, ClickThrough

Get weekly inspiration or dive deep.

Inspiration. Improve every week with personal learning plans. Gain new perspectives through active LIVE exchange with other marketers.
Focus. Dive deeper into the skills that matter most with focused in-depth courses. Onboard new hires or align everyone with company playlists.

"Spending 90 minutes per week with ZAGE, I am now on top of all important trends in marketing."
Head of marketing, yolife

Insightful manager dashboard

Learning Analytics. See your team's learning progress and engagement at a glance. Get insights on a skill level. Enrich your 1:1 conversations. Make more informed decisions about staffing and team development.

What our users say

"The contents on ZAGE are well chosen and nicely structured. We are discovering valuable sources and weekly LIVE sessions help us reflect and grow as a team."
Product director, savings united
"Spending 90 minutes per week with ZAGE, I am now on top of all important trends in marketing."
Head of marketing, yolife
"ZAGE helped us establish a culture of continuous learning that other teams have started to notice."
head of product, hausgold

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