Another Live with the Freeletics Co-Founders

September 30, 2020

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The founders

We met on our first day of university and together went on to study business at TU Munich and Columbia University, Mathematics at LMU Munich and Technology Management at CDTM. We then co-founded Freeletics in 2013, one of the most successful fitness startups in Europe, and successfully sold it in 2018. We’ve always shared a deep passion for human potential. That’s why we founded The Life Compan


Companies across the globe face a lack of digital workforce. The half-life of skills and technologies keeps decreasing. Automation driven by machine learning may replace up to 50% of current jobs within the next decade. Employees expect more flexibility and purpose, ever evolving positions and modern company structures.  
The way we learn and work will change drastically. It has to. Businesses will have to invest into constantly developing their employees in order to stay competitive. Employees will have to continuously invest in their skills in order to be able to create value. Today’s institutions of education cannot meet the demand. At large, they neither have the capacity, nor the skills, nor the flexibility to adapt.

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