Develop your marketing team with focus.

Analyze your marketing team's skills and strategically develop each member with personalized learning paths.

Our experts work at

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Personal Skill profile for your role
Expert recommended resources are added to your personal plan

Develop your team systematically.

Discover skills gaps and opportunities. Fill them strategically.

Guide your team to set individual learning goals. Create learning paths together based on their needs and schedule.

Build superior teams based on actual data. Development areas include:

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Performance Marketing
  • Organic Channels
  • Content & Creation
  • Data Analytics
  • Comunication & Leadership
  • ... and more

Personalized learning paths that fit your schedule.

Together with our experts we curate only the best resources across all platforms and match them to your team's individual needs.

Learning is designed in a way to flexibly fit into your team's schedule.

Expert recommended resources are added to your personal plan

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Learning efficiency is

higher when personalized learning goal recommendations are employed.

Source: ncsl
Companies with engaged employees outperform others by up to

Source: Dale Carnegie
of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year.

What our users say

Product Owner
I learn something new and directly apply it to my job every week. My user stories, for example, are now more detailed and precise.
Head of Marketing
Spending 90 minutes per week, I am now on top of all important trends in marketing.
Marketing Freelancer
Thanks to the Learning Sessions I get weekly inspiration to optimize my campaigns and achieve better results.
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