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What is Actually "DevOps"? Definition and All You Need to Know
Netflix, Amazon, and others - DevOps is everywhere. But...what is it, actually? → Find out now
Afraid of Changing Directions and Speaking Up? This is Why You Shouldn't Be.
Throughout his journey as a Product Owner, ZAGE mentor David Pereira sometimes had to stand up against his supervisor. → Learn why doing so can be crucial.
Product Owner vs. Product Manager (vs. Project Manager) - What's the Difference?
Product managers, product owners and also project managers are often being confused. → Find out how the roles differ and what they have in common.
5 Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs to Succeed
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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? The 2020 Guide
Retaining a customer can be 5x cheaper than acquiring a new one. CRM is crucial. Learn all you need to get started. → Read now.
What Does a Product Manager Do?
What does a Product Manager do? Tasks, salary, future → Find out what makes a good PM in 2020 and how you can become better in your role.
What is UX Design and why is it so important?
UX Design is powerful. Just about every successful company relies on this relatively young discipline. But what is UX Design? → Find out now